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Frames and covers for cable wells

Frames and covers for cable wells are essential elements of infrastructure for cable networks. Cable wells are used to protect cables from damage while allowing easy access for maintenance when needed. Frames and covers for cable wells are available in various sizes, shapes, and strengths to meet the requirements of different applications. They can be categorized as frames and covers made of plastic, concrete, and steel.

Appropriate covers for concrete cable wells are crucial elements, providing protection and safety for cable networks. They come in various strength classes of concrete, such as A15, B125, or D400, reflecting their ability to withstand different mechanical loads. When choosing frames and covers for cable wells, it's important to pay attention to their strength. These components need to withstand significant mechanical loads, such as heavy vehicles, to protect the cable infrastructure from damage. Therefore, they are often made of concrete, which provides high compressive and bending strength. Plastic covers can also offer high resistance to mechanical loads but are generally more susceptible to damage due to low impact resistance.

The classification of load resistance, such as classes A15, B125, or D400, determines the cover's degree of resistance to mechanical loads and pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Some covers have vents that provide ventilation in wells, helping to prevent the accumulation of gas, moisture, or maintaining proper air circulation. Others, without vents, provide sealing and protection against weather conditions or unauthorized access.

These covers are mainly used in cable wells marked as SK-1, SKR-1, SK-2, or SKO, providing safe and functional solutions in cable networks, both in terms of installation protection and user safety.

In modern times, manufacturers offer many innovative solutions for frames and covers for cable wells. For example, some are equipped with special locking systems that prevent accidental removal of covers. Others may be easy to open and close using a key.